Trademark provides distinction in the market

By means of trademark you get the possibility to protect a product, service, a logo or a new invention with a unique mark. Distinction from other competitive products takes place already by the name.

Trademarks may currently be black-and-white or coloured word marks, word/figure combinations, figures, or else e.g. sound effects of a certain type, or image sequences. Trademark registration may also cover unconventional-looking product packages.

When applying for trademark, it has to be distinctive in order not to be confused with other similar products or services. Distinctiveness is an absolute requirement for registering.

Trademark protection

It is important that the trademark application is carefully prepared as it's the basis on which the eligibility for registering is evaluated upon.

After the trademark has been registered you can have the mark in use as long as required by renewing it every 10 years. A trademark receives its final registration after a technical examination and an opposition period, so a granted trademark has usually good validity.