IPR Consulting aiding decision making

High quality consulting is an essential part of the process in order to prepare a well functioning IPR strategy.

Finnish Patent Consulting FPC's expertise in IPR consulting provides reliable situational assessments regarding IPR, such as examinations of novelty, inventiveness and/or obstacle of manufacture and use, and competitor monitoring.

Statements and negotiations regarding IPR infringements and employment inventions

The defending of acquired IPR is the responsibility of its proprietor, in taking care of which a patent attorney can provide valuable help. Also keeping employment inventions under control of the the proprietor and countering unfair commercial trading practices often require consultation.

Situational mappings regarding IPR

Particularly advance inquiries and prior art briefings, including e.g. assessments regarding novelty and inventiveness and/or freedom to operate, in addition to competitor monitoring, benefit decision making, when evaluating the possibilities for IPR protection and considering the benefits thereof.

Maintenance of domestic and foreign IPR

In case extending of the IPR protection to foreign countries is desired, activities are required, regarding which a patent attorney has his international network at his disposal. Also other activities are related to IPR after being granted in Finland as well as abroad including annual fees, renewals etc., which a patent attorney is able to handle readily.