Succeed in protecting your invention

In the beginning there's an idea, which becomes an IPR protected invention most likely with the assistance of a trustworthy patent attorney.

In order to provide your invention a proper, efficient protection strategy, at Finnish Patent Consulting FPC we assess your invidual needs, interests and economical possibilities with care.

To secure advantage in competition, it is often crucial to protect your invention already in the earliest stages which makes possible commercializing your invention with an exclusive right to prevent or stop others from exploiting your invention.

In addition to inventions, you can apply for IPR protection for signs or shapes used as marks for products or services. Often the most efficient protection is reached by flexibly combining two or more protection methods.

Gain lead by protecting your invention

An exclusive right for utilizing your invention can only be achieved by means of IPR. By protecting your invention you prevent competitors from exploiting your idea thus making possible for you to gain a lead on the market.

In Finland IPR comprises Patent right, Utility model right, Design right, right to Integrated circuit model, Trademark right, Trade name right ja Trade secret right.

We serve in protecting your invention and your rights