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In order to prepare a proper, effective IPR stategy for your invention, at Finnish Patent Consulting FPC we take into account your unique needs, interests and economic possibilities.


Patent provides your invention often the optimal protection. In addition to an exlusive right a good patent also brings along other advantages boosting your business.

Utility Models

In case your invention does not fulfil the high requirements of patentability, it might still get adequate protection by means of Utility model.


Trademark makes it possible to name, for example, a product, a service or a new invention uniquely. A trademark as such provides distinction from other competitors.


The most important protection for industrial designs is design protection. Design protection is most often used to protect the appearance of a developed product, some externally visible element thereof, or else e.g. a certain type of ornament or pattern.

IPR Consulting

In order to prepare an effective IPR strategy, high quality consulting is an essential part of the process.

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Finnish Patent Consulting is located in Tampere, Finland. Click here for contact information.

Finnish Patent Consulting FPC

Finnish Patent Consulting FPC is a patent agency established in 1993. We offer IPR services to enterprises as well as private persons. Our essential services include the preparation of patent, utility model, design and trademark applications that means protection by means of IPR for innovations, new products, distinctive marks etc.

The premises of Patent Consulting FPC are located conveniently in the center of Tampere, Finland.


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In order to effectively protect an invention it is important already in early phase to prepare the most suitable IPR protection strategy.

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