Utility model

If your invention does not fulfil all the requirements of patentability it might get adequte protection by means of utility model.

Utility model, the so called little patent, is suitable for inventions that are by technical characteristics concretical and do not have considerably high level of inventiveness. Utility model is also the appropriate protection method when life expectancy of your invention is shorter than what patent provides.

Solutions dealing with techniques for carrying out a method are not possible to be protected by utility model. Utility model is intended only for product or equipment inventions.

Utility model protects

A major benefit of utility model protection, is it's prompt office handling. Utility model is granted on the basis of just a formal examinations that usually takes only a few months.

With respect to a patenting process, in particular, the utility model protection is clearly less expensive and it has a shorter validity time.

It's possible to apply simultanously for a utility model and a patent.